Winter Menu Essentials

Rich, slow cooked meals are never far from everyone’s thoughts on chilly evenings, so what are the all-time favourites and what’s trending this winter?

Slow-cooked lamb shanks are Australia’s favourite winter warmer. Downs Premium Meats’ c lamb shanks are coated with a secret spice rub & slow-cooked to falling-off-the bone perfection. They are so easy to prepare and serve on a bed of mashed potato or celeriac with steamed greens and a rich jus.

Beef cheeks are right on trend this year and Downs Premium Meats have launched theirs just in time for winter. Rubbed with a spice mix and slow-cooked for hours in red wine until meltingly tender, they are easy for a busy kitchen to manage and a definite crowd-pleaser.

For lighter or more casual meals, the flesh of both the shanks and cheeks can easily be pulled & used as fillings for sliders & pies.

We save you hours of prepping, cooking and cleaning up – you can have these piping hots and on a plate in minutes!

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