The secret to serving curries second to naan!

Australia is one of the most multicultural societies on earth, so our favourite dishes originate from all over the world.

Developed by professional chefs who are specialists in their cuisines and who understand the challenges faced by our customers, One Chef provides pre-prepared wet dishes, including curries, from India, Thailand, Indonesia and Jamaica, tagine from the Middle East and classics from Europe.

While our famous butter chicken is our the best seller, our vegan vegetable tikka masala is increasingly popular and One Chef’s gluten free Bolognese sauce makes up the top three.

Popular restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and dietary options but employing the skills necessary to provide a selection of house-made dishes is unaffordable for many of them. One solution to successfully serving consistently delicious traditional dishes is to outsource the preparation and cooking of the time-consuming ones to experts.

One Chef’s wet dishes are made with a good ratio of protein or vegetables to sauce. Every part of the process is careful and consistent, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes bursting with fresh authentic flavours, that only require a quick reheat before serving.

There is no shortage of wet dish manufacturers but quality and price ranges widely, so do your homework.

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