Shale Point

Shale Point provides a variety of delicious options for both elegant and casual cheese boards and entertaining platters.

With soft and creamy brie and camembert, sharp cheddar, seed filled crackers and delicate wafers, Shale Point makes it easy to throw together a delicious spread in no time at all.

The Shale Point range is exclusive to Independent Supermarkets and will usually be found in the gourmet cheese & deli section.


Shale Point Cheese

As an Australian family business, Royal Foods is proud that the cheese we sell supports many other family businesses, including the dairy farmers providing quality fresh milk and the cheesemakers who patiently make our cheese by hand. Our farmers and cheesemakers care about their animals, their land and their community and this passion and respect shines through in every carefully made and packaged piece of cheese.

Our range of hand-made cheddar, brie, triple cream brie and camembert from the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia and from Tasmania are suitable for vegetarians.


Shale Point Crackers & Wafers

There are five variants in the bran cracker range, all packed with good grains and seeds like chia, quinoa and sesame.

Our wafers are light, crispy, delicately flavoured and the range includes a gluten free option.

Shale Point proudly owned and distributed by Royal Foods Aust Pty Ltd. If you’d like to know more about Shale Point, our other brands or our business, please browse through our website or get in touch.