Les Comtes de Provence launch

We’re spreading a new level of deliciousness on breakfast toast and tea time scones across Australia with the launch of 9 organic fruit spreads from Les Comtes de Provence.

Royal Foods is the exclusive distributor of these world class products in Australia, importing product directly from France. Launched to Independent retailers in last month, they are already on the shelves of over 100 stores, including  Supermarket Group.

There is rising demand from consumers for great tasting products that are made from organic produce and created with passion and care.
These multi-award-winning fruit spreads contain an impressive 65% organically farmed fruit, which explains why they are so scrumptious. AGRO’NOVAE Les Comtes de Provence is a family-owned business based in Provence in the South of France and they use old family recipes and the traditional hands-on method of cooking their jams in small batch cauldrons. These time-honoured practices ensure the fruit cooks evenly and retains its natural colour and intense flavour.

To find out more about this great range, get in touch or search Les Comtes de Provence on Retail Online