We’re ravin’ about Ravin’ Detachables!

We love getting involved with innovative brands and are excited to be spearheading the launch of Ravin’ Detachable rice crackers into Independent retailers and supermarkets across the Eastern seaboard states. In the three weeks since launch Ravin’ is already on the shelves of more than 300 outlets.

The Ravin’ range is unique to the rice cracker category, being first to market with packs that are easy to separate into smaller stay-fresh portions. This versatility makes Ravin’ Detachables more snackable! The smaller portion packs are designed for packed lunches and snacking on the go or at work.

We’re also Ravin’ about the range’s refreshingly different flavour combinations, created for broad appeal among consumers. It’s a pleasure collaborating with Sam Burruto and Mark Gluck on the go-to-market strategy.

If you’d like to learn more about Ravin’ crackers and other brands we represent, visit our Retail Online website.