Our New Range – Mill Lane

At Royal Foods we’re all about helping our Independent Retail Customers meet the expectations of their shoppers.


Demand for artisan-inspired and handmade breads continues to grow, luring customers away from the mainstream sliced bread aisles to specialty deli and bakery departments.


Because many independent retailers are unable to receive daily deliveries of fresh specialty breads, we’ve developed the Mill Lane range of frozen thaw-back sourdough and Turkish breads. The range is a great solution that allows stores to make quality products consistently available. With a three-day shelf life once defrosted, it’s also possible to virtually eliminate shrinkage.


Many of our customers buy our frozen clear skin breads and rolls and apply their own branded labels. For those without instore labelling capabilities, Mill Lane is the perfect solution.


If you would like to know more about Mill Lane and our other bakery lines, search Mill Lane on Retail Online