November is World Vegan Month and Royal Foods has teamed up with Independent Retailers across the country and quality brands like BioCheese in preparation.

Australia is (and is projected to continue to be) the third-fastest-growing vegan market in the world at 9.6% growth (Euromonitor) and we’re seeing increased sales in products aimed at these consumers. In particular, the plant-based cheese category is experiencing strong growth thanks to the combined energies of our Retail Sales Team and innovative market leader BioCheese.

BioCheese’s range of award-winning plant-based cheeses and buttery spreads are fast becoming mainstream products for all dairy cases.

A balanced range in the chilled lifestyle segment in the dairy case is vital for attracting and retaining this growing customer base and Royal Foods’ Retail Sales Team are experts at providing tailored solutions for their customers.

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Happy 150th Birthday Ritchies!

Congratulations to our friends at Ritchies Stores who are celebrating their 150th birthday!

We were privileged to have been given the enviable task of sourcing a worthy birthday cake to help Ritchies celebrate the event with each of their 81 stores!

We chose Sweet by Nature’s Loaded Chocolate Decadence Cake and CEO @fredharrison is clearly a fan, sending us this message “The cake was delicious and best of all, not too sweet and sickly. Our team were inspired when we presented it yesterday and we have had numerous emails from the stores, passing on their appreciation to HO for thinking of them at this difficult time. Thank you @adambarrett for arranging them and well done to Sweet by Nature for producing such a high quality cake, beautifully decorated with our 150th theming, to the point where it was so good to look at, we didn’t want to eat it. We cracked – and now it’s all eaten!”

Ritchies is in the middle of their biggest promotion of the year and we’re proud to be a key partner, helping to deliver great savings on a range of quality brands to their customers.

Search our full range of Sweet by Nature cakes and desserts.


Deluca’s provides wholesome comfort food for hungry people who don’t want to cook and can’t bear the thought of another over-processed budget meal!


Fresh meals that taste home-made

For over a decade Deluca’s been making Australia’s favourite meals like lasagne, chicken penne pesto and quiche Lorraine and many others, using their own traditional recipes.

To ensure our meals are consistently delicious, we take the quality of our ingredients very seriously and our team prepares and cooks the meals in small batches.

When you’re looking for a quick meal that tastes home-cooked, it’s hard to beat a steaming bowl of pasta or a thick slice of quiche with a simple salad.  With single serve and family size options, everyone is catered for.


Wide range of options

Deluca’s regularly introduces new dishes into the range, which now includes more than 30 variants. Look out for beef cottage pie, macaroni cheese & bacon and spinach & feta quiche. There are vegetarian options also, such as vegetarian lasagne and spinach & ricotta cannelloni.


Convenience for everyone

Our fresh single serve and family size can be purchased from the chilled cabinets of independent retailers across the country.

Being fresh, they are suitable for home freezing, so you can stock up.

Deluca’s is proudly made in Australia and is owned and distributed by Royal Foods Aust Pty Ltd. If you’d like to know more about Deluca’s, our other brands or our business, please browse through our website or get in touch.

Shale Point

Shale Point provides a variety of delicious options for both elegant and casual cheese boards and entertaining platters.

With soft and creamy brie and camembert, sharp cheddar, seed filled crackers and delicate wafers, Shale Point makes it easy to throw together a delicious spread in no time at all.

The Shale Point range is exclusive to Independent Supermarkets and will usually be found in the gourmet cheese & deli section.


Shale Point Cheese

As an Australian family business, Royal Foods is proud that the cheese we sell supports many other family businesses, including the dairy farmers providing quality fresh milk and the cheesemakers who patiently make our cheese by hand. Our farmers and cheesemakers care about their animals, their land and their community and this passion and respect shines through in every carefully made and packaged piece of cheese.

Our range of hand-made cheddar, brie, triple cream brie and camembert from the Adelaide Hills region in South Australia and from Tasmania are suitable for vegetarians.


Shale Point Crackers & Wafers

There are five variants in the bran cracker range, all packed with good grains and seeds like chia, quinoa and sesame.

Our wafers are light, crispy, delicately flavoured and the range includes a gluten free option.

Shale Point proudly owned and distributed by Royal Foods Aust Pty Ltd. If you’d like to know more about Shale Point, our other brands or our business, please browse through our website or get in touch.

The secret to serving curries second to naan!

Australia is one of the most multicultural societies on earth, so our favourite dishes originate from all over the world.

Developed by professional chefs who are specialists in their cuisines and who understand the challenges faced by our customers, One Chef provides pre-prepared wet dishes, including curries, from India, Thailand, Indonesia and Jamaica, tagine from the Middle East and classics from Europe.

While our famous butter chicken is our the best seller, our vegan vegetable tikka masala is increasingly popular and One Chef’s gluten free Bolognese sauce makes up the top three.

Popular restaurants offer a variety of cuisines and dietary options but employing the skills necessary to provide a selection of house-made dishes is unaffordable for many of them. One solution to successfully serving consistently delicious traditional dishes is to outsource the preparation and cooking of the time-consuming ones to experts.

One Chef’s wet dishes are made with a good ratio of protein or vegetables to sauce. Every part of the process is careful and consistent, resulting in perfectly cooked dishes bursting with fresh authentic flavours, that only require a quick reheat before serving.

There is no shortage of wet dish manufacturers but quality and price ranges widely, so do your homework.

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