Retail Online Ordering Upgrade

We’re delighted to announce that online ordering for retail independent customers is now available for customers nationally!

Our Retail Division’s online ordering platform has a fresh new look, with new features, tools, and a personalized dashboard to make placing and managing orders as easy as possible.

The number of customers choosing to place some, or all their orders online is continuing to rise. Much of the growth is coming from country customers who receive less frequent store visits from our sales teams than metro customers.

During the upgrade our research found that customers appreciate the flexibility of using an online ordering system for a variety of reasons, so our system includes options to create multiple order templates and favourites lists, as well as the ability to place an order on hold and return to complete it later.

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Vegie Magic for Flexitarians

An increasing number of Australians are making changes to their diet, consciously reducing their intake of meat, and choosing to eat plant-based meals more often. For some the motivation is to improve their health; for others it is about food sustainability and the environment.

Royal Foods is proud to be partnering with Australian owned Vegie Magic to bring their range of locally made meat free burger patties to life in Independent supermarkets across the country.

The Vegie Magic range caters to a wide range of dietary requirements, offering healthy vegan, vegetarian, meat free and plant-based products with gluten, dairy, egg, and soy free options. 

Their fresh and nutritious appearance also makes them an ideal solution for service delis looking to liven up their dietary offer.

While independent retailers are very aware of the opportunities, selecting an exciting and balanced range and creating an attractive destination within the store to cater for this market can be difficult to execute successfully. Our Retail Sales Team’s experience in the lifestyle category enables them to provide solutions to manage issues such as shrinkage.

If you would like to know more head over to our online ordering.